Saturday, August 27, 2005

CayMath's Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why do I have to be a member to post questions and answers?

A1. CayMath Google Group is a community for math learners of all ages in the Cayman Islands. Anyone is welcome to read the questions and answers, but only those who live in the Cayman Islands can post.

Q2. Why was CayMath created when Internet services like this already exist?

A2. Ask Dr. Math, for example, is an excellent free service of a similar nature. However, with CayMath we want to create a local online community.

Q3. How much money does it cost to run CayMath?

A3: Google hosts CayMath Google Group, CayMath Public Website, and Caymath's email all for free. The answer, to two decimal places, CI$ 0.00.

Q4. Who started CayMath?

A4. Jan Nordgreen started CayMath in August 2005. He has taught math at George Hicks High School and at John Gray High School. His email is

Q5.What inspired the creation of CayMath?

A5. The editorial in the Caymanian Compass August 26, 2005, which said:

'Motivation of students is apparently an issue as is the need for some type of homework help line, not just for the students, but for parents, too.'


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