Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Divine Turtle

Standing at the river's edge, the Emperor Yu-Huang watched the mighty Huang-He (Yellow River)rush before him. Evening's darkness was soon to come and this was good. The emperor had had a very difficult day.

Today, Emperor Yu had dealt with taxes, an underpaid army, and his angry wife, who said that she never saw enough of him. Looking out across the broad, dark back of Huang-He, Emperor Yu could feel his problems slip away. It was as if the rapid river were dragging the emperor's concerns along with it.

Emperor Yu enjoyed the river. He wished that he could visit it more often. Tonight, he was glad that he had walked to the river's edge alone. Huang-He (Yellow River) was something to visit by yourself. Looking out to the opposite side of the river, Emperor Yu slowly allowed his gaze to drop until he was looking at the river's edge right below his feet. It was at that moment that he saw the divine turtle.

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